iFloat is the most elegant and deluxe sensory deprivation and floatation tank therapy facility on the East Coast, located is Westport, CT. Run by David Conneely, the floatation facilities are spacious and modern rooms.

I have known David and for a number of years, and have had the honor to watch him grow and bring his passion and focus not only to the business, but also to helping clients transform their lives. He has spent many years studying the teachings of John C. Lilly, the original inventor of the floatation tank. Lilly discovered in his work that all of one’s logic, feelings, and emotions are controlled by instructions put in the mind early in life. If any of those root instructions are not in sync with reality, people end up recreating frustration and stress throughout their life. Lilly used the floatation tank to explore the possibility of literally “reprogramming” these root instructions that no longer serves one’s life.

About the iFloat Site:

wordpressArmed with a world-class, elegant site, iFloat has grown tremendously. Since the general public knows little about what floatation therapy is, much less its benefits, David has gone to tremendous lengths to educate potential clients. The website is focused on that process, including professional photography of the stylish facilities. An engaging podcast, FAQ pages, hosting community events at his facility, and a web page visual tour have gone a long way to build his successful business.

David Conneely


Bob has been instrumental in transforming our website from a mediocre set of pages to a dynamic, welcoming, and educational web presence. Bob is a full service web developer and designer. He gives his insight, he listens, and he makes wonderful suggestions to enhance our ideas. He even coordinated a photographer to come to our site in order to educate our customers better. Bob also has excellent graphics design skills, which is really helpful. Lastly, Bob is an excellent communicator. He responds quickly to my emails and phone calls, which helps us implement ideas quickly. Thanks, Bob!
— David Conneely, Owner