Mental Arts Network

Mental Arts is dedicated to the professional float facilitator. They offer classes, discussions, an intranet, and support for the float facilitation community. They maintain levels of participation so that people with different levels of understanding are not overwhelmed by concepts without first having foundational material and experiences to with which to examine those concepts. Their Goal is to educate the facilitator community so that they can endure more than three to five years in their tank offices and make money while they’re at it.

They also offer help to the business community by offering a simple plan that is a great help to anyone opening a tank office as well as many people who run or wish to run their own business. They offer a series of classes for the business/professional community that begin with an Introduction Class and culminates in an eight-day intensive held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

They also assist individuals dealing with the stresses of life at home or at work and who want to learn important skills and techniques of effectively dealing and communicating with friends, families, and fellow employees.

About the Mental Arts Site:

wordpressWebworks helped John Worthington and his community build a website to promote their nationwide floatation tank alliances, but also as an adjunct to Mr. Worthington’s recently re-published book, The Office of Shaman, through Amazon’s CreateSpace program that Webworks also worked on. The website’s content involved the input of over six individuals over a period of six months. While contributions from this many people sounds like it could have been problematic, it was exactly what the organization needed to fine-tune their language. Hats off to the many individuals involved with Mental Arts that worked to debut a new book, a new website, and Facebook presence all at the same time with the help of Webworks.