The NCPC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation of traditional ceremonies and knowledge. This includes the support of Native American people and cultures of the Great Basin Plateau, the preservation and continued use of their sacred sites, and the renewal of the Dance For All People — a dance of healing and spiritual communion — and the strengthening of the communities who sponsor it.

The NCPC is committed to the vision that peoples of all colors, genders, orientations and religious beliefs may dance in peace together around the Tree of Life. The NCPC now has some 16 Projects, including the Elder Housing Project, Youth Scholarship Project, Elder Wisdom Project, Cave Rock Restoration Project, Lillian Vallely School Project, Community Access Program, and more.

About the NCPC Site:

Webworks has been responsible for the website presence of the NCPC since 2006, and has coordinated several upgrades. The intent and purpose for the website is to facilitate and encourage fundraising efforts, so the look and feel is intended to assist that endeavor. Webworks has worked diligently with the Board of Directors to craft new web pages, and to curate an online photo historical archive that represent the Shoshone, Ute, Flathead, Nez Perce, and Paiute peoples. Webworks is responsible for the crafting of a now-monthly fundraising newsletter and the necessary artwork. While the site is still HTML the design has held up well; a WordPress upgrade is planned for 2016.
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Clyde Hall


Robert Sink has done amazing work for our nonprofit organization! His designs and format are wonderful, he is a true professional. He works with you every step of the way and truly understands what you want in a web site. Thanks for everything you have you done and continue to do for us Robert!
—Clyde M. Hall, Executive & Cultural Director, Naraya Cultural Preservation Council