Resonare Consulting

Resonare Consulting in the Boston vicinity is headed up by Ken Mattsson, one of the most interesting career consultants in the field. While he’s got all the important credentials as a career consultant of 25 years, he’s also worked  in high technology, telecommunications, publishing, health care, and higher education industries. He has seen the good, bad, and ugly in business practices, so he knows of what he speaks. Ken’s real skill is that he connects the dots between Spirit, Passion, and Career, a seemingly unlikely combination. Resonare (pronounced reh-s0-NAH-ray) is Latin for to resound or to cause to ring. As Ken puts it: The Resonare Philosophy is that what you do in your business/professional life should be so in line with your personal beliefs and ways of being in the world that you are in complete resonance, without anything disturbing the perfect harmony.

While Ken has worked with everyone, he specializes in working with career changers, creative entrepreneurs, and GLBTQ clients.

About the Resonare Consulting Site:

wordpressKen was interested in upgrading his existing internet presence by bringing his long-time Blog and separate web site under one roof with a stylish WordPress theme that also looked professional. His goal was to make it easy to update the site himself. Ken is an excellent and prolific writer, so Webworks was able to expand his offerings with over 30 in-depth educational articles that were culled from previous blog posts, now organized in seven categories. We also created an attractive online form that prospective clients can submit before a free consulting session is arranged. Thanks to the muscle of WordPress the front page is automatically freshened with his latest Tweets, upcoming calendar events, and his latest blog posts. His site offers Workshops, one-on-one consulting, educational opportunities, a YouTube Channel, and audio interviews.