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Your Not ThatYour Not That is a personal/transpersonal web site for Joshua Magee who is courageously sharing his life journey and teachings as they unfold. Says Joshua: “The greatest treasure lies inside of the heart and the possibility to live happier, more fulfilling lives lies waiting for us. If you could glimpse the totality of the bliss that lies inside your heart you would give everything up to have the chance to live in it. This is our experience.”

Joshua lives in Colorado with his lovely wife and son, assorted kitties and fishies— his self-proclaimed three-ring circus. Says Joshua of his life: “We both came to do spiritual work when our private worlds were crumbling in chaos, and simultaneously our paths joined together in 2004. We were hanging onto badly-damaged marriages. I was reaping the fruits of an alcohol and drug-induced lifestyle. And 10 months after we met, the last straws of our neurotically choreographed worlds snapped. The stage was set for inner discovery and spiritual work. Numerous events unfolded which connected us to the energy of highly evolved beings. We spent as much time as we could immersing ourselves in their teachings and profound energy.”

Joshua’s web site offers what he calls Session, a simple heart-to-heart healing conversation between himself and an individual, group, or even a business entity that is seeking clarity on a topic. “A Private Session is usually no more than an hour of time spent giving attention to, and healing the areas of life that are of concern in a confidential and comfortable setting. As the process deepens, many individuals experience ongoing openings in their belief system.” The site offers revelatory audio recordings for instant playback of Public Sessions, a selected Reading List, thoughts on his riveting journey, stories about the many Teachers who have opened his heart to new possibilities. Joshua’s willingness to share his roller-coaster ride to enlightenment is breathtaking and deeply moving.

About the Site:

wordpressThe Your Not That site is built in WordPress, allowing Joshua to make changes and add pages. Webworks picked out a complimentary theme that was partially transparent to good effect, and that is easy to maintain. Since Joshua is new to e-commerce we set up a simple PayPal payment system so that visitors can quickly and easily make payment for services. Joshua has been very good about taking responsibility for posting his audio recordings and tinkering with the wording on pages. Webworks has also helped him with some photoshopped promotional campaigns for Lunchbox Buddha.
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joshua-smBob was an excellent resource for creating our web content. Many have expertise, but Bob clearly combines expertise with and uncanny knack to find what it is you are really looking for and help you bring it to your portfolio. The content that we have now is miles and miles above where we were, and Bob continues to work with us as our projects grow and change. Many people now have an increased opportunity to benefit from our work together and we are grateful to be able to share the gifts that are closest to our hearts.Owner, Joshua Magee