Youth Arts New York

Youth Arts New York is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation devoted to providing experiences in the arts and sciences that engage youth in building a peaceful and sustainable future, and is the parent organization of Hibakusha Stories. The Youth Arts Guiding principles are:

• Encourage self-expression in a safe, creative, environment
• Develop a student-centered learning communities
• Create an intergenerational communities of alumni, parents and children
• Form partnerships with a diverse group of artists, scientists, designers, community leaders and other members of civil society
• Introduce students to their interconnectedness with the natural world
• Build peace, global understanding and friendship
• Create a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren

Youth Arts New York is focusing their attention on the Hibakusha Stories initiative. Hibakusha is the term given to those people who survived the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.  It is also used to include all those who have suffered from exposure to ionizing radiation that is a product of the nuclear fuel chain.

About the Youth Arts NY Site:

wordpressAfter been stuck in upgrade limbo for almost a decade, Youth Arts finally got the first-class treatment it deserves. As the parent organization of it’s star program, Hibakusha Stories, Webworks and the Youth Arts Founder Robert Croonquist decided to use the same clean WordPress theme for both to establish a similar look and feel. Many colorful images from the different programs are used to great effect to visually illustrate the essential need to engage youth in building a peaceful and sustainable future.

Robert Coonquist


Webworks did a fantastic job of creating the Hibakusha Stories and Youth Arts New york web sites, and does a fantastic job of updating them. We give them the basics and they deliver with style and panache. Webworks is responsive and creative, and turnaround time is quick. We love Webworks.
Robert Croonquist, Youth Arts New York Founder