About Webworks

Webworks offers a range of graphic-driven solutions— web sites, photoshop magic, logos, print design and video production to help you communicate your ideas and your message. Webworks is not your mega-corporation at work churning out generic content, it’s real human beings who likes working with artists, visionaries, misfits, musicians, and small-to-medium-sized businesses with big stories to tell.

One-size does not fit all. Everyone’s needs are different, and deserve a unique approach. It’s an internet/digital/mobile world we live in, so now is the time to consider a web site, a new logo, upgrade, or makeover to accommodate the latest mobile device. We are very good at strategizing and coming up with fresh ideas, and finding ways to get things done— all with an eye on the visual. Here is what’s on the menu:

Web Sites:

JPNDC Home PageA web site is a wonderful way to connect with your audience and to get your message across in our media-driven society. We specialize and do our best work on small to medium-sized sites for individuals and businesses. Making sure your site looks good in web browsers AND on mobile devices is no longer an option. Is your site optimized? WordPress sites are wonderful if you wish to do updates yourself or you want to have various people collaborate. ABOUT WORDPRESS >>

No Flash!Is your current website TOO SLOOOOOOW? We specialize in Flash-free website upgrades & migration to speedy servers to bring older sites into the 21st century with all the latest accompanying technology so that you look good in a browser and on that mobile device. We are available to consult with you to be sure your site is content-driven, not bells-and-whistles driven.

A lot goes into creating a web site: a vision, a stunning logo, clearly written copy, & breathtaking graphics. And that’s even before we get to creating the site! Building the site (aka coding) based on your vision must include smart layout, easy navigation, and be built with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind to get better rankings in Google search results.


Photo Magic: Photoshop & Photography

New_Mountain-200pxStunning graphics can make the difference in conveying the message. I’ve been honing my Photoshop chops for two decades, and I relish the opportunity to pull out my digital knives to work some magic for you. Part of my skills include the journeyman task of tweaking the image: color correction, cropping, subtle (or not) image enhancement, and the final (most important?) step of compressing the image to be it’s most beautiful at the smallest file size for the fastest page load time.

I am happy to shoot custom images when you need something special or specific. Professionally shot images can make a huge difference. Be aware that not all images on the net are “free”. Some predatory stock image houses are able to track their images and will send you a fat bill if you are not their customer. If you are a business, it’s best to secure legal usage or have your images professionally taken. Check out my work!


WindwalkerVisual Identity is the name of the game, creating a look and a feel that fits you and your message. It’s the first thing the visitor sees, and it presents how you wish to be perceived. In one visual statement you are embodying who and what you are and what you represent. Millions of dollars have been gladly spent by high-profile companies as they cogitate over the image they want to convey. For me it is a very intuitive process, and a challenge I enjoy. And I promise I won’t charge you a million bucks, it just has to look like it.

Print & e-Books:

TOOS-Cover-225-336pxPrint covers a lot of ground these days, from CD covers to Print-On-Demand (POD) books.  POD is the latest (and greatest) way for new and seasoned authors to get their writings in print. Circumventing the often-fruitless publisher search, savvy writers are taking matters into their own hands. Print-on-demand publishing means that books are printed one at a time as the books are ordered, drastically lowering upfront costs. Sales can be made by oneself or through such venues as Amazon. Titles can easily be converted to eBooks for Kindle, iPad, and other eBook readers. With my help of experienced designing, layout, and logistics, Webworks can assist new and seasoned authors reach their goals.

Video Production:

kris-jones-tnWe are firmly entrenched in the YouTube era, and to not have some sort of video to tell your story is to miss out on a great medium. I’ve been shooting and editing since the 70’s on Super8, 16mm, VHS, and now fast-forward to all the assorted flavors of high def. I’ve always been most interested in the offbeat, indie, noncommercial, docs, and informational realms. With longtime experience of the craft of filmmaking I’ve learned how to work fast, and work smart to capture what’s needed to tell a story with sight and sound.

While it’s great to have a healthy budget, it’s also possible to get a “big bang” even with limited time and resources. In real estate we know it’s all about “Location, location, and location!“, in video production (and web site, graphic design, etc.) it’s all about “Content, content, and content! As an independent, I know what it takes to produce and edit videos that help tell the story and get across the message that static pictures and text just don’t convey.


mailchimp-logo-tnEMAIL CAMPAIGNS: These days sending out bulk email campaigns through your own Gmail account is now almost impossible as internet service providers clamp down on the transmission of spam. For several years Webworks been designing and implementing graphic newsletters that are sent by email through such providers as Constant Contact and MailChimp. While MailChimp offers its services for “free” (with volume restrictions), there is still the matter of graphic design, layout, text creation, and database management of your recipients to consider. I am happy to strategize and help you plan a cost-effective campaign.

FaceBook-LogoFACEBOOK CAMPAIGN: Facebook, for better and worse, is the social media marketing tool on everyone’s lips. While the impetus may be to jump on that bandwagon, I will query you on your intent and purpose in doing so to help clarify how best to create a Facebook campaign that works and helps your cause. You may wish to simply consult, or have me create and implement the best plan possible.

Consultation & Strategy:

With over 35 years of graphic design experience in one form or another— photography, graphic design, print, promotion, and film & video production— I am happy to bring my expertise to your project. Some hours allocated to consultation and strategizing will go a long way in getting your ideas and vision off the ground and flying high, saving you money to boot.

Who or What Is Webworks?

bob-sink-smMy name is Bob Sink, and I am a third generation graphics person. My Grandfather was a portrait photographer in Palo Alto, CA, back in the 30’s through the 50’s. He was the go-to guy of renown if you wanted a classy portrait, and especially if you were a visiting dignitary at Stanford University. My Mom was the retoucher doing her work on 8 x 10 glass plates! Boy, would she flip if she could see what can be done in Photoshop today.

So I’ve always had a love for the play of light and shadow, and how images can be created to evoke the deepest and best of emotions. Capturing those images has always been a great joy, then taking them beyond into other realms with creative digital manipulation. Filmmaking, beginning in the 70’s with my Super 8 sound camera, was my great leap forward in learning how to tell evocative stories, and developing the craft of editing (with splicing blocks and film cement!).

I and my cohorts bring all our disparate crafts together and offer you all the things we’ve learned over decades to help co-create something fantastic we can all be proud of. Check out my portfolios and see if it resonates with you. Then let’s talk!

  • Web Sites

    A web site is a wonderful way to connect with your audience

  • Photo Magic

    Stunning graphics can make the difference in conveying the message

  • Logos

    Visual Identity is the name of the game, creating a look and a feel

  • Video

    Short videos on YouTube are an excellent communication tool

  • Promotions

    Email campaigns and a Facebook presence are essential

  • Consultation & Strategy

    Having a coherent strategy puts your ideas in motion