Clain Pilates +

Clain Thomson-DiPalma has been teaching Pilates for 20+ years since certifying with the legendary Romana Kryzanowska at Drago’s Gym in New York City. His quest for knowledge and for understanding the mechanics of the human body has led him to continue to study with several of the master teachers of Joseph Pilates’ remarkable method. The Pilates Method is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility and strength for the whole body without building bulky muscles.

After a very successful career teaching at prestigious health clubs in New York City such as Reebok World, Chelsea Piers, the Vertical Club and Equinox, Clain then continued to work privately in my own studio in New York and later in Maplewood, New Jersey. He is committed to continuing the tradition of Joseph Pilates’ great work by creating my own Instructor Certification program adhering to the original principles of Joe’s rigorous instructor training.

A major success for Clain has been his creation of the Be Well & Thrive program through Easter Seals of New Jersey, a 2-year old program aimed at individuals with developmental disabilities and persons with special needs, and their families. The program’s goal is to effect long term positive lifestyle change with health, nutrition, and exercise education in a population where this is often neglected.

About the Clain Pilates Plus Site:

The Pilates Plus website brings together 20+ years of study, teaching, and private practice. Clain’s talent for clearly explaining the benefits of Pilates, and his infectious enthusiasm for self-care imbues the tone of the site to inspire and motivate. The section “Pilates For Everyone” offers real-world articles and how Clain has been able to help people. His testimonials page offers glowing accounts of making a difference in people’s lives. In addition to the creation of the website, Webworks has videotaped Clain working in his studio. The instructional video is currently being edited.