Client: Joan Henry: Earthsinger CDs updated

Native American recording artist Joan Henry is as prolific as she is diverse. Vocalist, SAG actress, dancer, composer, poet-lyricist, percussionist and choreographer, it’s hard to think of a style Joan Henry doesn’t cover. She has appeared with guitarist Kenny Burrell, Pete Seeger, Paul Winter and R. Carlos Nakai, with a slew of recordings.

Webworks has designed not only her web site but also the front and back covers for 5 CDs, Uprising her 2016 jazz album. Extracting elements from concert photos and stock images Webworks designed layouts that represented her heritage and artistry. Webworks has also produced and edited very successful video recordings of live performances for her Earthsinger YouTube Channel.

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Client: John Worthington: “The Office of Shaman” Book

The Office of Shaman identifies and explains the levels of consciousness, the dynamic functions of the soul, the mechanics of change, and the nature of perception. It is written to resonate simultaneously with multiple layers of your being and consciousness. The position, or Office, of Shaman has been part of the human experience for millennia. From the days we lived in caves and hunted woolly mammoths, there have been those specific individuals who have been called to serve that Office.

The Office of Shaman, first written in 2007, has been through four printings. The author wished to do a major update with a beautiful new cover design, and to extend the reach to a broader audience through Amazon’s CreateSpace services. Webworks was engaged to provide layout and design of the print edition, and to navigate through the details of creating a companion e-book version with color illustrations. Webworks also helped to facilitate a rewrite to help clarify the author’s message.  Amazon print edition and Amazon color e-book version.

Client: John Mann: “Before The Sun: Meeting Rudi” Book new

In 1987 John Mann’s book Rudi: 14 Years With My Teacher was published. The book became an instant classic, providing a deeper understanding of what it was like to study with Rudi as a meditation teacher. Highly readable as a riveting story, it also revealed what the teacher-student relationship can mean to a larger audience.

The original book had long been out of print, but at the urging of many a new version is now out on Amazon. Mr. Mann has chosen to rename the book Before The Sun: Meeting Rudi as the manuscript has been completely re-edited, revised, and updated, reinstating 1/3 of the book that was excised by the original publisher. Webworks assisted in the revision process for over a year, and is available as the Amazon print edition and Amazon color e-book version. READ MORE >>

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Client: Stuart Perrin: Six Books and Counting new

Stuart Perrin is a meditation teacher and a prolific author who published his first book in 1983. In the last decade the publishing business has changed dramatically — no longer does an author have to spend months and years in search of a publisher. Mr. Perrin turned to Webworks to prepare his manuscripts for publication through Amazon’s CreateSpace both as print books and Kindle e-books.

While authors are making great strides by self-publishing, it is in their best interest to have a professional layout and design of the book to encourage sales and to navigate the demanding technical details that are still required for submission to CreateSpace.

Mr. Perrin has been generating many new books, and also has made great strides in republishing titles that have gone out of print. Webworks has been deeply involved in these titles: Leah: A Story of Meditation and Healing, Moving On, A Lotus Flower in Muddy Waters, Little Sisters, Rudi: The Final Moments, & Navigating The River of Time.

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Client: RUDI Movie Project: DVD

The RUDI Movie Project is a restoration initiative to transfer the 1981 documentary of Rudi (Swami Rudrananda) to the DVD. RUDI: The Teachings of Swami Rudrananda. This film is the only substantial legacy on film of this remarkable teacher giving lectures, offering shakti, and teaching classes.

The layout of the DVD interior is a unique three-panel design that contains the DVD on one panel, and the written introduction to the movie by Oscar-winning screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin.

The elaborate design of the DVD itself includes subtitles in six languages, six new shorts, seven slideshows, a commentary track, and over seven hours of bonus audio tracks, and much more.

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Client: Stuart Perrin: “Little Sisters”
& “Rudi: The Final Moments” Books

Webworks has assisted author Stuart Perrin in the publication of his two most recent books, Little Sisters and Rudi: The Final Moments with proofing, editing, layout and design of the cover for the print & eBook editions.

Little Sisters is a multicultural love and family saga set in New York City, Nepal, and Mumbai, India, takes the reader on a journey into and out of the nightmarish world of international sex trafficking. Since the book’s publication in November 2012, the author has gone on to make the rounds on talk shows and to host public panel discussions around the country, bringing light to the tragedy of human sex trafficking right here in the U.S.

Mr. Perrin’s Rudi: The Final Moments contains two novellas linked together by a common thread. They are both rite-of-passage stories in which the deaths of a parent and of a teacher force the young protagonists to re-examine their inner lives.

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Client: NCPC: Fundraising Reminder Postcard

Since 2006 the NCPC (Naraya Cultural Preservation Council) has been a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization  dedicated to the preservation of traditional ceremonies and knowledge, protecting sacred sites, and supporting the people and culture of the Great Basin/Plateau. The NCPC does year-round fundraising, sending out a major monthly newsletter that shares the latest projects and news.

Webworks designs, assembles, and re-writes the various articles, crafting a compelling newsletter for a mass mailing through Constant Contact. The goal of the newsletter is to move traffic to the NCPC web site, and just that much closer to the Contribute page. The Fall 2013 campaign included an eye-catching postcard (shown here) that was sent out to help remind the readership to not forget about the NCPC during the competitive holiday season.

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Client: Charles Lawrence: “Embracing Elderhood” Flyer

Charles Lawrence —  teacher, workshop leader, traditionalist, writer, singer — leads a wonderful yearly workshop with co-facilitator Ann Roberts in northeastern Vermont entitled Embracing Elderhood: A Soulful Exploration. The workshop is meant to assist those making the journey into later life with awareness, grace, and focused intention. Charles and Ann believe that elderhood is not the death knell it is often feared to be, but rather an extraordinary opportunity to reinvent one’s life, yet again.

For several years Charles and Ann have asked Webworks to design a colorful and inventive flyer for both printed handouts and an email campaign to distribute through their mailing lists. The flyer includes intriguing text  written as a poem, along with illustrative images of the leaders and the retreat center.

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