Social Media Promotion

Email Campaign:

mailchimp-logo-200pxThese days sending out bulk email campaigns through your own Gmail account is now almost impossible as internet service providers clamp down on the transmission of spam. For several years Webworks has been designing and implementing graphic newsletters that are sent by email through such providers as Constant Contact and MailChimp. While MailChimp offers its services for “free” (with volume restrictions), there is still the matter of graphic design, layout, text creation, and database management of your recipients to consider.We are happy to strategize and help you plan a cost-effective campaign.

Facebook Campaign:

FacebookFacebook-logo-175px is the social media marketing tool on everyone’s lips. While the impetus is to jump on that bandwagon, we can help you focus your intent and purpose to create a Facebook campaign that works and helps your cause. You may wish to simply consult, or have Webworks create and implement the best plan possible.

The best strategy is to not put all your eggs in one basket. It is important to understand that promotion should not be limited to just one methodology. An email campaign is not enough by itself, but is most effective when combined with other strategies such as targeted mailings and a Facebook presence.

Client: NCPC – Email Case Study

Webworks has been working with the nonprofit NCPC since 2006 to design, co-write, manage the ever-changing database of recipients, and send out their twice-yearly fundraising Newsletter. Their Board Members contribute articles that help explain the various activities and interesting new Projects that have developed in the last 6 months. The 4 or 5 articles are too long to reside in the Newsletter, so the Newsletter contains the first paragraph and then a web link send the read to the full article at the NCPC web site. The purpose of the Newsletter is to quickly present a brief summary to make it a quick read, and then luring you to the main web site for more, and just that much closer to the Contribute page.

Over the years Webworks and NCPC have tried various strategies to reaching out to their community across the country who are already familiar with the the goals of the organization. Webworks has always strongly encouraged the Board to combine the emailed Newsletter with some sort of physical mailing as a reminder. We have found that email alone is too quickly deleted or caught in spam folders, but a followup mailing several weeks later is an effective one-two punch.

Client: NCPC – Facebook Case Study

Webworks has continued working with the NCPC to help support them with their outreach program on Facebook. Once Clyde Hall, the Executive & Cultural Director, had warmed up to Facebook he quickly began attracting attendees of the Dance For All People and also other Native Americans of like mind. Over the years Mr. Hall has refined the NCPC online persona that is insightful, relating the NCPC news & calls for support, and in support of native causes and ways of thinking. Behind the scenes Mr. Hall is a major contributor of content, but other Board Members and Webworks (as an Advisory Member) are free to contribute content.

Mr. Hall also has a personal Facebook account that allows him to freely express his own news, views, and irreverent humor without affecting the NCPC Facebook  page.

Client: RUDI MOVIE – Facebook Case Study

Webworks has helped to support the RUDI Movie Project with a Facebook presence for 8+ years. The Facebook page was meant to be a link to the web site with the intent to promote awareness of the DVD and to encourage more sales of the movie and other ancillary products. As time has gone on the Facebook page has had a life of its own after finally arriving at a very simple formula. Every four days a new Rudi quote from one of his writings is posted along with a new photo of Rudi, many times an image that has never been seen before. The formula is perfect for Facebook, as it delivers some potent wisdom and an intriguing image.

Interestingly the twice-weekly posts generate far-reaching readership, sometimes twice, three times, or four times the number of subscribed “friends”. This is a wonderful example of how Facebook makes it possible for friends to share with friends.

new Layout & Design: Various Clients

Webworks has provided interesting and effective layouts for website client promotions & informational sliders for home pages:

new Layout & Design: Various Clients