Brett Will Taylor

Brett Will Taylor is a prolific and astute columnist, blogger of his shamanic journeys, and NPR radio commentator. Brett says of himself: “Like you, I’ve worn a lot of roles in my life. Son, brother, friend, colleague, husband. Counselor, politician, shaman, writer. Texan, Bostonian, New Orleanian, Taosenos. But now, now, the only role I play is me. And ‘what I do’ is try to play it as best I can every day.”

He goes on to say: “I also know that we are all fundamentally the same. Our uniqueness comes only in how we choose to experience our sameness. And how do we explore, celebrate and understand that uniqueness? That sameness? Well, now. That is where the stories come in.”

About the Brett Will Taylor Website:

The Brett Will Taylor website has been designed to showcase his amazing writing skills and storytelling that draw you in to his world and way of thinking. The layout and design is open, airy, with lots of white spaces and evocative images to further the storytelling. Instead of a stock image for the front page Webworks and Brett collaborated to find an image that would tell his story, which ended up being a fly-on-the-wall shot of Brett himself typing away on his trusty laptop, martini glass close at hand. Webworks also provided Photoshop editing and tweaking skills.