The Mission of JPNDC (Jamaica Plains Development Corporation) is “to promote equitable development and equal opportunity in Boston’s Jamaica Plain and adjacent neighborhoods through affordable housing, organizing, and economic opportunity initiatives that improve the lives of low- and moderate-income people to create a better community for all.” For some forty years this wildly successful non-profit’s vision has been to nurture a vibrant, stable and diverse community in which people from all walks of life enjoy decent housing in a caring neighborhood, good jobs and opportunities to build careers or businesses, political power, and a promising future for our children.

Over four decades the JPNDC has grown tremendously in their outreach and influence to help a broad cross-section of folks with affordable housing, community organizing, early education for the children, free educational opportunities for family prosperity, and financial muscle to help new business owners get established and educated.

About the JPNDC Website:

wordpressWebworks assisted the JPNDC staff to transition from an antiquated HTML website that had not seen any updates for years and literally had almost no traffic. The new website is now a modern multilingual WordPress site that a core staff can now contribute fast-breaking stories and keep residents updated and informed in a timely fashion.

The initial challenge was to successfully communicate all the diverse activities that JPNDC does. Much effort went into organizing their content and ideas with bold graphics and easy-to-navigate pages. Fortunately there was a boatload of wonderful and expressive images that could help to tell the story in a compelling and educational manner.

As a nonprofit that must be thinking about fundraising all year around, much effort went into creating content that would inspire awareness and enthusiasm of both business and homeowners to consider supporting the growth of JPNDC that ultimately supported the entire community in very significant ways. Webworks also collaborated with the staff to create online donation portals that made contributing quicker and effective.