Paul Wirhun: Eggman

Paul Wirhun, also know as the Eggman, practices the age-old tradition of pysanky, the art of painting on eggs. Paul writes: “The ancient Slavic tribes in Ukraine believed that the fate of the world rested on the making of pysanky. Dazhboh— an evil god— was chained to a cliff; his servants sent annually to count the number of eggs created; when few were made his chains loosened & evil flowed, while love & goodwill abounded when many eggs were decorated….should this practice cease Dazhboh will be released & devour all…..we live in difficult times….we’ve got eggs to make!”

He says that he believes that eggs are events —  not simply objects. They are the confluence of primal life forces, sexual energies that create new life, new beginnings. The shells are memories of these events.

Says Paul: “I have worked on eggshells since I was a child, learning the traditional Ukrainian art of pysanky from my mother. Pysanky are talismen created through batiking designs with specific intentions to use the egg’s life-power for a desired result. This cultic use of eggs informs my work to this day — for I consider egg making a sacred magical art.”

Since 1990 he has used this folk art to explore his fantasies, desires and cosmology. During this period he has manipulated traditional processes with innovative dyeing & brush techniques, etching, and mosaic to forge a new visual language to write on this versatile, organic sphere.

About the Paul Wirhun Site:

wordpressWith a complete makeover Webworks is responsible for logo, design of the site, and a presentation of products for sale. The site, now converted to a modern and stylish WordPress site, showcases his work well. The intent and purpose of the site is to display his craft, and to encourage sales and commissions. There is also a behind-the-scenes look of the artist toiling away in deepest darkest Brooklyn. Webworks is also responsible for some Photoshop work for Mr. Wirhun that involved extensive restoration, colorizing, and layering for his Earth Mother Project.
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