Soundwinds AirArts

SoundWinds AirArts offers contemporary banners and windsox at their finest. In business for over twenty years, all of David Ti’s unique designs are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. This expansive website offers a wide array of designs spanning many categories and uses. You’ll find large, medium & small banners, hanging banners, bike flags, spinners, aquatic creatures, winged creatures, and windsox. There are even specialty banners such as Christmas-themed banners, and July 4th-themed banners.

Oh wait, there’s more! Individual designs may come in one of three sizes AND assorted colors. A popular item such as Fusilli comes in 15 colors, while the Bike Fusilli also has 15 color variations to choose from. All told there are nearly 600 items ready to be custom made.

David Ti’s main clientele are wholesale clients who order in quantity. Customers are able to place online orders with a customized e-commerce solution.

About the SoundWinds AirArts Site:

wordpressTransitioning the site from a static HTML to a modern WordPress site with built-in e-commerce was a major undertaking requiring close collaboration between Mr. Ti and Webworks. All of the images needed to be re-sized for optimal resolution and color. The logistics of keeping track of almost 600 products, their code numbers, descriptions, assorted color variations and new pricing was daunting. Organizing the large catalog for easy navigation was of prime concern.

One of the major reasons to do a site upgrade was to add an e-commerce plugin for easy ordering. Webworks set up the initial e-commerce database which is now handled and maintained by Mr. Ti. The plugin also creates each order, keeping track of every step.

Towards the end of the project Mr. Ti requested a companion SoundWinds AirArts retail site without the shopping cart. Thanks to the way WordPress is designed, creating the second site was a relatively smooth process.

David Ti


I can’t say that I’m an easy client. I’m finicky and not well-versed in web page design, but Robert Sink managed to be patient and informative in the complex process of setting up my two web sites, one for retail and one for wholesale customers. His work and communications have been very professional and creative. Most importantly, my customers have responded with many compliments to the design of the new sites.
David Ti, SoundWinds Owner/Designer