Thomson-DiPalma Organic Shampoo is the brainchild and creation of a talented artist, technician, and educator. Stylist to the fashionable elite of New York City who really care about their hair, Bryan Thomson-DiPalma says the following about himself:
“Trained as both a chemical specialist and an herbalist, I’ve straddled two worlds: one that delivered an amazing (but synthetic) palette of possibilities; the other full of ancient wisdom and dedicated to finding natural and holistic answers to health concerns.”

Bryan has related that he was dismayed at the so-called organic shampoos on the market: “I was never fully satisfied by the quality of “natural” products available, and would often concoct my own alternatives. These days, many of my salon clients, still seeking the perfect hair they’ve always wanted, now insist it be with products that are organically derived, detergent-free and with natural fragrances.” Bryan’s apt tagline at the web site is: Herbal Wisdom & Modern Science

About the Thomson-DiPalma Site:

wordpressThe Thomson-DiPalma site not only presents his wonderful line of hand-crafted shampoos and conditioners, but also is a full-fledged e-commerce platform for him to sell his products straight from the an order page. For this first-time seller Webworks devised a lean, mean, and simple solution with PayPal for sales without burdensome overhead or high maintenance. Another wonderful feature of the stylish and colorful site is the explanation of all the organic ingredients, an informative blog, as well as insightful testimonials from real users.

The Thomson-DiPalma site is built in WordPress, allowing him to make changes as the mood strikes, and to take charge of his own blog postings. Webworks picked out a stunning partially transparent theme, and that is uniquely vertically-oriented to compliment his striking logo.
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Robert Sink was our first choice when choosing a designer for our website. I had seen several other sites Webworks had designed and always was so impressed by Robert’s beautiful visual aesthetic. He gave so much attention to detail when gathering all of the information about our product and helped us refine our choices to communicate who we were to our audience and build our brand. We consistently receive rave reviews of our site from customers and it is so gratifying to hear those who know me personally say how much our site really captures the essence of who we are. Robert was a true collaborator, listening to my concerns and encouraging me every step of the way in the process of creating our site. Thank you Webworks!
Bryan Thomson-DiPalma, Owner