Touch Practice

Says founder Kevin Smith: “Touch Practice is a 60-90 minute session of free, non-sexual partnered bodywork for the soul that empowers men through compassionate touch.”

It is not a traditional massage where one person gives while another receives. Rather, it is a style of interactive, mutual touch that uses hugging, holding, light strokes, and evolves like an improvisation or a slow dance of touch. It is calm, quiet, centered and grounded.

The practice avoids sexual acts of any kind and is extremely respectful of each individual’s personal touch boundaries. We begin touch practice clothed, wearing sweats or loose clothing. The work allows an atmosphere of non-judgment and compassion for all of the parts of the body and all of its physical and emotional reactions. Touch Practice allows the sensual and erotic to be explored within safe limits, and this produces an extraordinary experience for many people. When a focus is kept on establishing sacred connection to each other the experience of being touched intimately can be very moving.

About the Touch Practice Site:

Touch Practice recently underwent a complete overhaul and redesign to be fully WordPress-compliant. It is easily updatable by the client who has become an avid and astute blogger, writing many thought-provoking and compassionate articles. In the most recent upgrade a whole new Articles section was added, drawn from his more popular blog posts. The articles are organized into categories of The Basics, Touch and the Community of Men, Touch as a Spiritual Practice, Touch, Trauma & Recovery, Touch Practice And Our Inner World, and Towards More Skillful Practice.

Touch Practice


Webworks has been so much more than merely a website provider for me. They took the time to get to know my work carefully and deeply, to understand my mission and goals. In the process of advising me about website issues they ended up helping me on a conceptual, business, and even spiritual level of advice, ultimately influencing my ideas about how to photographically represent my work and how to write about it. Webworks has provided me with a complete on-line education, not just a website. They’ve become trusted counselors and partners in my work.
Kevin Smith, Founder